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The Benefits Of Using The Carpet
Nov 14, 2017

Anti fall safer

The bones of the elderly and children are brittle, and hard to slip on hard tiles such as ceramic tiles and floors, especially in the humid seasons of the south. Once they fall, they are prone to fracture. Thick, soft carpets are completely different. It's like a vase, if it falls on hard ground, it's shattered in an instant, but if it's on the carpet, it's safe. Safety is the foundation of the family, to create a safe and comfortable home environment for the family is more important than anything else.

Non-toxic, healthier

Carpet is full of textiles, almost no formaldehyde, other VOC and other harmful gas is far below the national standard. This is much safer than a lot of hard materials that use glue. As we all know, formaldehyde is colorless and odorless, and the volatilization time is ten years. Formaldehyde can damage the body's immune system, leading to nausea and vomiting, and lead to cancer cells in a severe way. How can we tolerate family members living in such an environment? Choose carpet, you have no worries.

The effect of mite removal is good

Many consumers may not know that mites are everywhere.  The main idea is heating and pumping. Hard wood, mites floating on the surface, not only flying around, sweeping and mopping the floor can not be completely disappeared. The special treatment of diamond carpet after pest control and anti mite, so that it does not have the production environment of mites, even if there is a small amount of existence, you can easily wash with a vacuum cleaner.

Purification without dust

In many parts of the country, there is a big gap between the quality of the environment in Europe, and we've had this experience since childhood. In the sun, it's too bad to see the dust flying. Hard wood can't absorb dust, walking and slight vibration can raise dust, inhale chest cavity and cause respiratory disease. The wool carpet rich pile can effectively absorb dust, the average family of two to three days using a cleaner can be completely sucked.

Saving energy and saving money

Hard wood is a good conductor of heat, and cold air or warm air can flow directly from the ground. Carpet is a bad conductor of heat, like quilt, can effectively block the loss of hot and cold energy, power saving is more than 30%.

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