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Printed Carpet Tips
Nov 14, 2017

1. What is printed carpet?

Printed carpet is a carpet that prints pattern patterns on the base blanket with ink jet technology. The production principle is similar to the large color inkjet printer, controlled by the electronic system will be injected into the surface of the base paste blanket, to form various patterns on the carpet.

2, what are the advantages of diamond carpet printing carpet?

Printing carpets its most prominent advantage is the short production cycle, high efficiency, strong adaptability, can satisfy the customer demand in the shortest time, and has excellent flexibility, bright color, high color fastness, mothproof etc..

3, what are the disadvantages of diamond carpet printing carpet?

Due to the principle of production, all printing carpet manufacturers at home and abroad are faced with some common problems:

As the printing pattern is formed by injection, and Axminster carpet or carpet Wilton is the direct use of colored yarn woven, so some scatter patterns not clear Wilton, axminster;

Because it is printed on the base blanket, there is a white edge of 2-75px on both sides of the finished blanket;

Because of the special glue base material blanket phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to swell in the summer bag.

4. What are the production processes of diamond carpet printing carpet?

The production process is as follows: base blanket, deviation correction, printing, steaming, washing, antifouling treatment, drying and finished product.

5. What are the production range of diamond carpet printing carpet production line?

The printed carpet production line has a wide range of printing, including nylon, wool, polyester and blended fabrics, all of which can be made into printed carpets.

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