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Nano Antibacterial And Deodorizing Fiber---TENMOUS
Apr 13, 2018

    Nano Anti-bacteria and Deodorization Fiber is a newly developed product of Toyobo Nano-Material. It is named TEMMOUS.

    Tenmose possesses anti-bacterial and deodorant functions. Under the environment where bad illnesses continue to wreak havoc, the human immune system is increasingly unable to resist. How can we strengthen skin protection? Nano antibacterial and deodorant fibers can take up this role.

     Tenmose nano antibacterial and deodorizing fiber is developed by Toyobo Co., Ltd. combined with green environmental protection and intelligent fiber [Tiansi]. Besides fiber, it has cool feeling, thermoregulation, moisturizing, unique touch, and smooth surface. Highly abrasive, supple and comfortable.

     The most important feature is antibacterial, deodorant technology is the use of fiber pretreatment, rather than chemical post-treatment, in addition to the special effect of washing and antibacterial deodorant, the instant adsorption of odor, but also immediately experience, and can be reduced regeneration The effect is permanent and effective. Gentle sterilization, reduce bacterial infection, combined with environmental protection, health and comfort in one, is the best choice for sensitive skin, is a new generation of functional fibers.

Technical principle:

     Using Japan's Toyobo's advanced nanotechnology, nanometer-sized polymer acetate groups (COOH) are superficially adhered to the surface of fibers by means of surface fiber modification. Acetate (COOH) releases hydrogen slowly after wearing. (H) ions, mildly inhibit bacterial growth, make the body skin surface, maintain a healthy weak acid value state, to avoid infection.

Acetate (COOH) can instantly adsorb, and neutralize most of the NH3 released by the human body. It will function for a long time and will not lose its effect due to sweating or washing.

   Tenmose is suitable for use: underwear for men and women, sportswear, aerobics, yoga wear, socks, etc.

Functional test results:

(1) Deodorization function: instantaneous absorption, neutralization of organic amines released by most human bodies, bad odor of urea. As a result of the test, the deodorization rate was 98%.

(2) Antimicrobial function: After the nanometer acetic acid group is worn, it releases hydrogen (H) ions and can effectively inhibit the growth of various bacteria.

            As a result of SGS test, the antibacterial test was qualified for Staphylococcus aureus.

            According to the results of ITS test, the slimming rate of staphylococci was 44.63%.

(3) Comfort function: The fiber has a smooth surface, is not easy to produce high friction, is smooth and soft, and is comfortable to wear.

(4) Moisture-retaining and moisturizing functions: The nanofibrillar structure creates an excellent moisture-removing function, soft and breathable, and adjusts the temperature, which is more suitable for sensitive skin.

(5) Health protection function: Keep the skin surface of the body at a weak acid value, protect the skin, have good skin-friendly properties, and are not susceptible to allergies.

(6) Safety permanent function: The function adopts the method of adding before the fiber, instead of post-treatment with chemical agents, washing resistance, function can be regenerated, and lastingly effective. The US FDA human body sensitivity test is qualified.

(7) Natural environmental protection function: It is completely natural and hygienic. It can be purified to give the wearer a natural breath throughout the day.

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