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How To Choose The Carpet ?
Feb 11, 2018

A carpet with only texture will not only make the space warm, soft, and soften your touch, but how to choose carpet with so many different materials such as linen, cotton, wool and chemical fiber? How to mix with home? The following is the Beijing Sheng Tian real estate brokerage company related to how to choose the carpet:

Colors, materials, patterns and specifications are the four thinking directions for the selection of a carpet. According to the need of space, floor texture decided carpet material, such as ceramic tile, marble floor for strong colors, feel soft carpets; wood floors for hemp, fiber carpet or carpet warm. And according to the size of the space, and the pattern is decided the size of carpet, depending on your preferences.

One, carpet material: can be selected according to the living conditions and consumption level.

The wool as raw material, beautiful patterns, bright colors, thick texture, good decorative effect. But the wool carpet is expensive, do not wear, also need to consider the moth, anti-corrosion. The varieties have room carpet, blanket, blanket, bed side bath foot blanket, a blanket of nearly 10.

The synthetic fiber carpet; wear resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal insulation, sound absorption, with light weight, anti moth, anti static, and the advantages of cheap, but it is less elastic, easy to dust. It is suitable for the general family to choose.

The blended carpet often in wool fiber and synthetic fiber blended. It is warm, wear-resistant,

No decay and other characteristics, the price is moderate.

The plastic carpet, mining PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, evenly mixing plastic and light carpet. It has the characteristics of soft texture, bright color, self extinguishing, comfortable and durable and so on.

Two, color: the ground should adopt low brightness warm hue. The choice of red or golden carpet in the living room will be rich and magnificent. The camel bedroom or beige neutral carpet can create a quiet and elegant atmosphere.

Three, pattern: the living room can choose the carpet with large size and dark color, giving people a sense of being modest and generous. The bedroom can choose small flowers, and Kizawa Akiro's carpet makes people feel comfortable and bright. Four, specifications: the width of the rolled carpet is generally 3.7m, and the user can cut it by itself after it is selected.

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