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Focus, I'm The Future, Sound For Fashion
Mar 26, 2018

What time is this? We never stick to tradition, nor do we stick to the past, but we see uncommon beauty and flourish.

China Home Furnishing textile industry today, is entering a quality and efficiency, from big to strong "new era", and the increasing of people's life needs and broad industry and the huge market space, makes the material needs of people more diversified and personalized, three-dimensional. In the face of new challenges and motivation of consumption change, through 20 years of Shenzhen International Textile Exhibition Home Furnishing with their wise foresight and excellence in the deployment of Chinese sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, "soft decoration" in the era of its vibrant new thinking and become a witness and accumulate steadily anyone carrying the "soft decoration, the best platform" create a new space for the development of textile industry Chinese Home Furnishing, welcome the future new pattern!

"I am the future" to open the fashion youthful cry

2018 (spring) Shenzhen international textile Home Furnishing exhibition will be held in March 7-10 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening, "Chinese software installed in Shenzhen", Shenzhen textile exhibition Home Furnishing has become the most influential China soft Home Furnishing soft outfit material platform, the exhibition gathered in domestic and foreign countries and regions of the more than 30 exhibitors and buyers. Build more than 1000 high-quality soft outfit brand, on a grand scale of 130 thousand square meters, the new interpretation of chapter Home Furnishing soft decoration industry, but also become the new power industry show in the first stage. The exhibition covers the whole category of large Home Furnishing theme, divided into brand of fine cloth, cloth art museum hall, the whole hall, Wall Art Museum, Home Furnishing International Fashion Museum, intelligent Home Furnishing hall, hall, window accessories, cloth shade Pavilion, gold cloth art museum theme museum, to achieve Home Furnishing software installed the whole theme of harmony sharing. The exhibition in the play of multi-functional trade exhibition platform at the same time, will also be with the Chinese Home Furnishing industry went into "soft decoration" in the new era, "fashion show, science and technology innovation, the transformation and upgrading of the industry trend, Cuilian" I am the future "theme, open the new state are shouting,

"Innovation" promotes new students and changes

Shenzhen home textile home exhibition in the development of China's soft clothing industry, has been bearing the direction of insight into the development of the industry, leading the responsibility of innovation and reform of the industry. In the spring exhibition, intelligent Home Furnishing is no longer a concept of development level, but in the Home Furnishing linkage network, relying on new energy to bring digital information and intelligent, personalized show vitality, perfect open scene intelligent application, let you experience the lazy happiness; to meet the new demands of the consumers more personalized, young consumer. At the same time, design sense and fashion become the theme of the exhibitors.

The exhibition organizers Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd. chairman Deng Yuanjin said: "a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution are ready, the new engine by information technology, new energy, new materials, bio technology characteristics of triggered global industrial competition pattern adjustment, innovation and transformation of their industry is still too, given the new energy." In this year's smart home exhibition area, we will also bring together many high quality information, technology and intelligence home textile home related industry enterprises, and show the most advanced information of home and downstream textile industry. Through the development of new science and technology and the upgrading of supporting facilities, we can better serve the industry.

New culture of deductive culture

Brand Home Furnishing textile enterprises are increasingly taking Home Furnishing culture as the starting point, absorption of nutrients from the China are traditional culture, with a unique fusion tonal world trend elements and the brand itself, by improving the design, creative marketing mode into a more "inheritance" and "culture" as the connotation of the brand elements.

To this end, the new upgrade textile exhibition beauty "as the trend to build textile in culture under the lead. Under the trend of brand development mode change, multi brand development and online and offline integration, it has been subdivided into "boutique Museum", "brand furniture museum" and "holistic Home Pavilion", which jointly deduce the unique style of home textile enterprises. Another blockbuster exhibition is the International Fashion Museum and Wall Art Museum, the exhibition was Versace, huaertai, Bo, JAB, P-T, ZU, DESIGN, and Yada art, m villa, Novartis, IFI, Pasa, Home Furnishing Vicki, French Blue covering various fields at home and abroad original design plan the product, active, Zhicheng, molik, Jinhua, xinhualong Zhida, Bomeida, and heart, Novartis, beauty, Giddens, Lian Xiang Xin Aaron, J&C, Ibrahimovic, Butch, Iran to Chong Ming / Somfy, dooya, Goelst NL, B.V., Qilong runwanda, tulip, Chronoswiss, truth m, Enfield, orchid, embroidery workshop, Amazon, Optima, Phoenix, Ai Shi, Li D, Yaqi Nuo, the new "ARTS brand of all exhibitors, the exhibition organizers Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co. Ltd. General Manager Xiao Jiancheng believes that this session of the exhibition in the condensed high-end soft decoration New breakthroughs have been made in the customer, a lot of excellent soft outfit international brand exhibition in Shenzhen attracted exhibitors exhibitors, they will form a perfect link with high quality buyers groups. While helping them to improve their precision order, it will also bring more fashion experience and comprehensive harvest. "

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