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Comparison Of Cleaning Method Of Ordinary Carpet And Wool Carpet
Nov 14, 2017

First, ordinary carpet cleaning:

1. First, use large power vacuum cleaners to dust a lot of dust or serious pollution areas.

2, carpet cleaning agent, chemical agent diluted with water and injected into the foam box.

3, if the first cleaning, first wash in inconspicuous places, to see whether the carpet faded.

4, with "Z" type uniform cleaning carpet, cleaning, at the same time use high-power water suction machine carpet water stains suck out.

5, after cleaning, open the window, or turn on the air conditioner, let the carpet naturally dry, generally after 24 hours can completely dry.

Two, wool carpet cleaning:

1, vacuuming: the first step is to vacuum the dust, especially solid waste and objects on the ground need to clean up first.

2, local treatment: with special detergent on carpet oil, fruit stains, coffee stains separately processing.

3, dilute carpet foam detergent: will inject Dapao box diluted cleaner.

4, hand brush treatment: brush handle the edge of the carpet, corner and machine pushed to the place.

5, dry foam scrub: with frother, carpet brush sweeping single disc machine, dry foam carpet brushing. After cleaning the carpet for a few days, the cleaning work is repeated.

6, combing with comb or rake carpet carpet comb cilia, which is very important for carpet appearance, especially long fiber cotton carpets, carpet and accelerate the drying effect.

7, suction dirt: after carpet hair completely dry, and then vacuum cleaner suction dirt and dry bubble knot crystal.

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