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A Detailed Interpretation Of The Three Hot Words In The Field Of Household Goods
Mar 09, 2018

Environmental protection: keep indoor pollution out of the door

A newly decorated house often gives off a pungent smell. People will experience various discomforts soon after occupying. This is mostly due to the problem of indoor pollution. The pollution may come from floors, paints, wallpaper and even furniture.

How to eliminate the decoration pollution? The raw material and processing of the decoration products are very important. The environmental protection of raw materials is closely related to the release of harmful substances. When decorating, it is necessary to use plank without aldehyde to add base material and extract plant as raw material.

The harmful chemicals added to the process will be released gradually when the product is used. The products using formaldehyde free resin as adhesive are more environmentally friendly. In addition, water based polyurethane adhesives instead of urea aldehydes or phenolic adhesives can also meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Intelligence: to meet people's needs for more home

Now, "intelligence" has become one of the most expected home lifestyles. Intelligent products must be grounded, and the needs of people are perceived to be truly intelligent. For example, the sweeping machine not only sweeps but also has the function of mop the floor, plus different sweeping modes for different spaces, stains and ground materials, so that we can truly meet the needs of users.

Customizing: home is very uniform and harmonious

Modern home furnishing is quite different from the old style decoration. People's living requirements are gradually improving. Home decoration not only meets people's daily needs, but also pays more attention to decoration style and design.

Custom-made furniture can meet the actual needs of people. The serialization of product customization can really make the home become unified, like the bedroom's bed, bedside cupboard, dresser, wardrobe and so on. The furniture's style and color remain uniform, and the space will be more coordinated.

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