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1PSS3410B Car Shredder
Dec 12, 2017

Basic Info

  • Type: Roller Crusher

  • Drive: Hydraulic

  • Crushing Style: Extruding

  • Cutter Material: Hard Alloy

  • Origin: Suzhou China

  • Object: Metal

  • Crushing Degree: Fine Grinding Machine

  • Principle: Fixed Culling

  • Trademark: EO

  • HS Code: 8464909000

Product Description

The cutter chamber of 1PSS quadrupleshaft (shear) shredders are composed of double auxiliary shafts at the upper layer and double main shafts at the lower layer. Auxiliary cutter rings at the upper layer are functioning in forcible feeding, which could increase the output of the main cutter rings. Meanwhile, materials of big sizes are brought back to shredding chamber to be shredded repeatedly, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the size of materials to be discharged. Main cutter rings at the lower layer have special shape which combines the technology of chopping and shearing, so that it achieves the purpose of shattering and volume reduction by shearing, crushing, tearing, puncturing, and hacking, etc. The quadrupleshaft (shear) shredder is the key equipment to achieve efficient and uniform shredding of various kinds of solid waste.

- Low speed, high torque, low noise;
- High throughout, controllable, output material sizes, uniform output, high efficiency;
- Entirely modular construction, easy to maintain and change the parts;
- Direct connection motors and shredding shafts, achieving high efficiency and low failure rate;
- Alloy steel and heat treated cutter rings, long lifetime and fine wear-resistance;
- Big power hydraulic drive unit is especially suitable of huge unsorted waste;
- Better protection of bearings with multiple sealing system;
- Ribbed shafts, ensure locked state between the cutter rings and ribs while operation;
- Equipped with multi-protection system against eventual overloads for safe operation;
- The intelligent inverter drive technique enables realtime monitoring over the torque force of cutter rings and shafts, and automatic increase or reduction of the rotating speed as required, achieving optimal processing result.

Scope of Application:
- Waste, paper boxes, paper rolls and wood derived from papermaking factories;
- Plastic buckets, plastic shells of electrical appliances;
- Metal cans, thin-wall metal drums, metal shells of electrical appliances;
- Waste printed circuit boards, mixed light industrial waste;
- Carpets, woven bags and riddled remains of municipal solid waste,
- Light construction waste, medical waste;
- Biomass and alternative material manufacturing industries;
- Especially suitable for applications having higher requirement on particle size, e.g., uniformly small or 
medium sized slices after shredding.


No need for extra processsing device, with forcible feeding provided by auxiliary cutting rings;

Alloy steel and heat treated main cutter rings, enjoying long lifetime.

Simply exchange of the cutters to the worn group cutter rings.

Special Design:
To meet the requirements of different customers, JONO also provides customized special design and manufacture of the products including special materials, shape of cutting rings, special unshreddable mateial enjection system and special control system, etc.

On Site Demonstration:
JONO has professional material testing system to test and analyze every target material of every project, and hence provides the best equipment type for our customers.

Technical Parameter:

ModelMain Cutter Ring Rotational Diameter (mm)Main Shaft Rotational Speed (rmp)Cutter Ring Thickness (mm)Cutter Chamber Length (mm)Cutter Chamber Width (mm)

- The above data is for reference only.  There shall be performance differences among processing of differenct materials;
- All statement is subject to change without further notice.

Spare Parts and Service:

The sharpness of the cutting blades determine efficiently running of the machine. Frequent replacement of the cutting blades and ensuring proper cutting clearance ensure efficient recovery and energy saving. Our tool warehouse is equipped with a complete inventory, can provide you with the replacement tool service at any time.

Urgent need to replace the screen, can contact our customer service personnel.  JONO can quickly supply special screen aperture, special wear-resistant materials and even stainless steel screens.


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