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Wool carpet hair loss reason
Nov 14, 2017

As you know, woolen carpets have many advantages, such as warmth retention, health care, fire prevention, and indoor temperature adjustment. Wool carpet is good, but it also inevitably exists the problem of wool carpet falling off. We often listen to some of my friends complain, I bought a good quality wool carpet, but at home a few days or weeks, there will be a wool carpet shed such a situation, the wool carpet hair situation is actually some wool carpet loose fiber ran out.

The reason of wool carpet falling off

Why do wool carpets fall off? This is because wool is a natural fiber, most are carded wool carpets, wool length are also limited. The main reason of wool carpet falling off, or with its main attributes and production process and so on. First of all, we all know that wool carpet will generally have a lot of decorative patterns, in the production of building these patterns, some fine wool fiber will remain in which, after use, due to the external friction and so on, will make the residual fiber exposed. There are some reasons why wool carpets fall off. Let's go on.

The reason for wool carpet falling off two

Wool carpet will appear wool carpet off, there is a situation where the wool fiber is relatively short, the strength is not good, it will also cause wool carpet off. In addition, the wool carpet falls off because the twist of the wool yarn will decrease after the carpet is used for a long time. This leads to the fact that some of the wool yarns that are originally fixed by friction are more likely to be pulled out by external forces, and because of this, the wool carpet will appear to fall off the wool carpet. But when the wool carpet falls off, as long as we use it properly, the wool carpet can be improved. Let's get to know some of the wool carpet off the way to deal with it!

Measures to solve the problem of wool carpet falling off

We've just learned about the properties of wool carpets and the reason why wool carpets fell off. There's a reason why there's a way to get rid of the wool carpet. Xiao Bian then cited some practical methods to solve the problem of wool carpet falling off for friends. Fundamentally speaking, when friends to buy wool carpet, should learn to choose good quality wool carpets, generally good quality wool carpets, wool carpet shed the problem is not so much, this little problem is we in the future can you cope. Good wool carpets are soft and shiny. In addition, wool carpets with different wool fiber lengths must be chosen.

Measures to remove wool carpet two

To solve the problem of wool carpet shedding, first of all, to maintain the drying of wool carpet. Therefore, the wool carpet should be dried regularly. Sunlight in the sun can also avoid the fading of wool carpets. Secondly, because the carpet is often used, so to get professional cleaning shop on time, must not be in order to save money for their own cleaning. Finally, the most simple wool carpet can prevent hair loss, which is the use of anti hairfalling agent, but, like the anti hairfalling agent must use security requirements, otherwise, not only will not solve the excess wool carpet hair problems, but also affect the softness of the carpet.

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