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Viscose fiber knowledge and washing methods
Apr 18, 2018

    Viscose fibers are man-made fibers (rayon, rayon, artificial wool, and chemical fiber clothing, etc.). The moisture absorption performance of the viscose fabric is best in the chemical fiber, and its wearing comfort and dyeability are better than the synthetic fiber fabric. Soft, beautiful color, superior to other chemical fiber fabrics. In particular, it has the advantages of pure rayon weaving and pure silk fabrics such as silk and brocade. It is characterized by good gloss, soft and light texture, comfortable wear, high shrinkage, poor abrasion resistance, easy fuzzing, and poor daylight resistance. According to this, it should be done during washing and maintenance:

1. For its large shrinkage rate, low wet strength, wash with the immersion, do not soak for a long time. Viscose fabrics will harden when exposed to water and should be lightly washed to avoid lint or cracks. Use neutral detergent or low alkali detergent. Washing liquid temperature can not exceed 45 °C. After washing, stack the clothes and squeeze out the water in a large amount. Do not twist. Do not expose to sunlight after washing. Dry it in a cool or ventilated place. When purchasing fabrics, it takes about 10% more than the average amount of cotton cloth. Before cutting, it should shrink.

2. Use finer needles when sewing. The pins should not be too dense.

3. Should always change the wash to prevent long wear deformation. Wash lightly when washing, avoid vigorous use, but also can not use plate brush to avoid lint. After washing, squeeze the water, do not twist it hard to prevent wrinkling; If soaked for a long time, its strength will be affected; due to its poor sunlight resistance, the sun exposure will cause it to fade, and the strength will decrease. Therefore, it should be dried in a ventilated place, and drying with water can also reduce the wrinkles of clothes.

4. Ironing is best done when it is half dry. The temperature should not exceed 100 °C. If it is already dry, you can press the cloth with a wet cloth and iron it with some clean water. When ironing, use less force to push and pull so that the clothing is naturally stretched and aligned;

5. Because of poor wear resistance, easy to fluff deformation, so wear to wear as little as possible, less pull to extend its life.

6.Because it is prone to dampness and mildew, it must be washed and dried before being stored, and then put into boxes and cupboards.

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