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The difference between Axminster carpet and Wilton carpet
Nov 14, 2017

The carpets of Muenster and Wilton belong to woven carpets. They are arranged on the fabric structure as the base of carpets.

Two kinds of carpets in the mode of production of the difference is: Wilton is the cashmere yarn woven into the organization and then cut pile carpet made of cut or uncut ring made of carpet; and Chris is a reference to the traditional method of Muenster knitting carpet, mechanical methods cashmere yarn first cut into the specified length, "the consolidation method U" or "J" shape of the cut to the carpet warp between the buried layer, the weft to be fixed, so the drag on the back of the carpet yarn will not sink. But Muenster has only velvet and no carpet. The first Wilton looms 6 years later in 1850, appeared in Muenster in 1890 on a bobbin type loom, a clip type, until 45 years after 1935 before the advent of Muenster Chris bobbin clip type loom. Of course, during which there are other ways of chenille flocking, but more than three acre Muenster loom has coexisted seems a foregone conclusion. The bobbin since there are a few companies are still in use, but because the structure is the original, old, has been in danger of being eliminated. Clip type bobbin and clip type not only occupy a certain market advantage in quality, variety, and the two models has been uninterrupted using electronic and automatic control and other new technologies to transform their.

The Muenster loom is mainly used for producing carpet with large pattern, carpet and carpet with different width, but its production efficiency is much lower than tufting machine and Wilton loom. The main features of the Muenster carpet are as follows:

1.Suitable for the production of high-grade wool carpet, long pile.

2.In the pattern design of carpet, there are few restrictions on the design, color, quantity and so on.

3.the utilization rate of cashmere yarn is high, and there is no carpet backing yarn.

4. Raw materials with different fineness, twist and material.

5.Changing and scheduling carpet production varieties, convenient and simple. Edit the appropriate place for this paragraph

Muenster Akers carpet surface smooth, diamond carpet style full, magnificent, reached the international standard heavyweight commercial carpet. It has excellent appearance retention, durability, stability, comfort and durability. Generally applicable to hotel restaurants, walkways, banquet halls, bars, conference rooms and other public places.

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