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Mousse space resin ball mattress is stunning
Mar 23, 2018

In March 21, 2018 World Sleep Day, mousse bedding combined with the famous design company Rococo held the "2018 days of world sleep day" and "international designer Festival Summit Forum" designed by the ROC, "the design sleep and enjoy the wealth". It opened in Beijing DXD Beijing design interconnection center. M not media founder Ma Dong, Kang Jian Liang Dong, was founder of mousse bedding President Yao Jiqing, Rococo design founder Jia Wei on the same stage of confrontation, exciting discussions on the relationship between sleep and wealth, sleep and design, and promote good sleep 8 hours.

CBNData, the chief operating officer of CBNData, published the "2018 Chinese Internet netizen sleep report" and carried out a detailed interpretation. Finally, the wonderful appearance of the new mousse space resin ball has brought a revolutionary impact on the healthy sleep field.

The sleep report of Internet users in China's Internet users' sleep report in 2018

At the beginning of the campaign, Jia Wei, the Rococo design founder and Yao Jiqing, the president of the mousse bedding, CO opened the world sleep day international designer day.

Subsequently, Wang Yang, chief executive officer of CBNData, released the Internet Internet sleep report of China 2018, which was CO produced by China sleep research society, first financial business data center and Mu Si bedding. According to the report data, the average daily sleep time of Chinese Internet users is 7.1 hours, but 56% of Internet users say they have sleep problems: they sleep in a dreamy way. At the same time, Internet users pay more and more attention to the quality of sleep, willing to throw a thousand gold to buy a good dream.

In this regard, the report presented in 2017 five Internet users sleep good habits: foot wave rise, listen to music, drink milk more relaxed, reading, doing sports is a good choice to relieve.

In the choice of mattresses, the three key words that netizens are most concerned are: comfort, taste and quality. Porous and elastic latex mattress is popular among people because of its ability to fit human curves and improve sleep quality. Especially in the first tier cities, the market after 70 is particularly prominent. As the most important sleep product, the comfort and quality of pillows are the most important points of concern. Data show that memory cotton and natural latex pillows are most popular.

How can sleep and wealth choose, and can sleep be better designed?

According to "sleep and wealth should be how to choose, can sleep better by design", Ma Dong, Liang Dong, Jia Wei, Yao Jiqing four large coffee brainstorming, brought a wonderful forum.

For sleep and wealth, Ma Dong said that he had a lot of sleep and had an unintended wealth. "I sleep very well, and it's the kind of people who sleep as much as they have. Today, give me a "striving" label, can struggle to go to sleep is not to sleep well! "

Liang Dong said that if every segment of sleep is efficient, people do not need long periods of sleep. It is important to fall asleep, and to learn this ability.

Yao Jiqing proposed that high quality sleep is the most profitable investment. He introduced that sleep is regular and the most important is deep sleep and dream sleep. Especially the designer, dream sleep must have, because it is the process of combing thinking, creating a lot of ideas and inspirations. In addition, lack of sleep can lead to a decline in immunity, and enough sleep can bring higher work.

For sleep and design, Yao Jiqing made it clear that good design is to make you find a balance between sleep and struggle. He also shared four tips for health and longevity: healthy, adequate sleep, proper exercise, enough nutrition, and a good state of mind.

Ma Dong argues that there is a difference in the human body, and that each person needs a different sleep to find its own rhythm. If you can design your sleep, "I hope Jia and Yao can jointly develop a mattress, which can change different angles for every different sleeping stage. I like this getting up in the morning, it can wake me up."

Jia Wei wants people to sleep and sleep as long as they want to sleep. Sleep is different.

"Sleep is not driving the car into the parking lot, but driving the car into the gas station and the parking lot." "Insomnia can lead to a variety of chronic diseases," Liang Dong said. Almost all insomnia is the cause of tension, the study of insomnia, is also the cause of the study of the original tension. In addition, Liang Dong also boldly put forward the idea of "training sleep training awakening".

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