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How to clean nylon printed carpet
Nov 14, 2017

Nylon printed carpet color is bright, noble temperament, is the first choice of hotel floor materials on a regular basis in different regions of nylon printing carpet washing can restore the original carpet, prolong its service life. Nylon printing carpet cleaning has two basic methods, one is dry cleaning, two is wet wash. No matter what method of washing carpet is selected, it is only suitable for professionals who have good vocational training to do this work.

Dry cleaning

There are two methods for dry cleaning of nylon printing carpets:

Foam dry cleaning

Is one of the most common printing of nylon carpet surface cleaning foam, foam dry cleaning machine with rotating brush and implantable wet vacuum suction head will be a lot of detergent is sprayed on the carpet surface pile, in the rolling brush under the action of pile after detergent to clean the vacuum suction machine suction washing foam and suspended dust.

Dry extraction cleanup method

This method is through artificial or dispensing containers will solvent, emulsifier, water and detergent mixture sprayed on the nylon printed carpet carpet surface by washing equipment brush into the carpet pile of rotary washing after 30 minutes to absorb the lotion and dust.

Dry cleaning metal surface cleaning, can effectively make the printing of nylon carpet surface cleanliness recovery, but did not remove deep dirt layer on the carpet, in order to carry out thorough cleaning must be.

Wet washing

When the oil printing of nylon carpet and other sticky substance was assembled, the dust and dirt accumulation has affected the color and carpet carpet pile rebound performance, while the dry cleaning method can not eliminate, should carry on the carpet wet wash, is thoroughly cleaned.

There are two ways of wet washing nylon printing carpet:

Spray cleaning method

The method is to use hot water and detergent sprayed into the carpet under pressure in the water and detergent effect, use carpet washing machine is equipped with rotating or oscillating brushes, separating the dirt from the fiber after drawing.

Steam cleaning method

This is a clear pile carpet and Carpet Embedded Dirt surface dirt effect is very good, the most thorough washing of nylon printing carpet carpet washing method. It is also called extraction cleaning method. A mixture of water and steam cleaning liquid solvent using steam dry cleaning carpet machine special release sprayed on the carpet, after mechanical swing brush stirring, make the dirt from the carpet fibers suspended in the solvent by vacuum suction head clearance implantable.

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