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Handmade carpet
Mar 27, 2018

Handmade carpets - Overview

Chemical fiber carpets, carpet woven with incomparable process and artistic value, is China's traditional export products, known as "soft gold" pattern, rich content, strong sense of three-dimensional, flowers, scenery like relief, has a high value, the collection value and appreciation value over the years, welcomed by domestic and foreign customers. Handmade carpet with Australia and New Zealand wool or silk weaving, knitting, flat sheet, after washing, investment, repair and a full set of ten traditional manual process processing, compact structure, strong sound; handmade carpets most of the attention to detail, such as a peach, with a dozen color, even dozens of colors to polish, red powder, white powder, red and white, the sunny side of the color can be light, under the shade of the color can be deep, is also the color of petals covered deep, exposed the color of light, this is in any case also woven carpet not up to, is also the artistic value of handmade carpets.


Manual Carpets - pattern classification

According to the pattern of handmade carpets can be divided into Persian pattern, art patterns and geometric patterns; according to the process can be divided into hand woven (also known as the Oriental carpet) and hand Qiangci (glue back rug) two.

The Persian pattern in wool with silk woven edge angle, dragon pattern color, dense, with rich western style, the overall temperament elegant, bearing extraordinary;

The art pattern is mainly based on the processed real patterns, such as plants and animals, fresh and natural, friendly and soft, in accordance with the modern city's pursuit of simple fashion.

By hand woven carpet, YISHION wool and real silk as materials, it has been processed by over ten processes such as pattern design, color matching, dyed yarn, upper warp, hand knot, flat blanket, carpet, carpet, shears and dressing. The "handmade" is fixed on the machine will warp beam, by artificial hand knotted pile yarn fixed in the warp, dozens of colors can be harmoniously. Handmade carpet is not affected by the color number restrictions, hand woven carpets, wool density Congchang, after renovation process processing showing a colorful and three-dimensional sense of strong character. Such a tedious process makes it time to make a blanket from a few months to one or two years. The close and delicate carpet can prolong the life of the carpet to a hundred years.

YISHION also - hand Qiangci carpet wool and silk as material, and through the pattern design, color matching, yarn dyeing, cloth, hand Qiangci, glue, hanging cloth, blanket, blanket, flat piece of washing blankets, back flat, finishing a dozen steps produced. Move the carpet pile yarn through artificial implant special tire cloth, the combination of various color lines into exquisite patterns. Then the glue is painted on the back of the blanket, and the bottom cloth is attached, and the hand is made by hand. Color pattern can reach ten, making time in about one or two months, the precision and the service life is shorter than that of pure handmade carpet.

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