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Carpet material how to choose
Nov 14, 2017


Wool is expensive and expensive. Regardless of the advantages of wool carpet material is very obvious, wool carpet material in general humidity, wool will account for 13% of its own weight - 18% of moisture. Under special circumstances, the moisture content of wool carpet can be as high as about 33%. Wool carpet material is because of this advantage, you can absorb moisture from the air, when the air dried, you can release the moisture.


The type of living room carpet material is very much, among them blending is a kind of more common. Blended carpet material inside mixed with wool, and all kinds of synthetic fiber blended together, which is the origin of the name of blended carpet material. This kind of living room carpet material has the advantages of wool carpet, combined with a variety of fiber carpets durable features. Blended living room material is a carpet with high performance price ratio.


Acrylic carpet material is a relatively common in ordinary life, is made of polyacrylonitrile or acrylic acrylonitrile content of more than 85% (mass percent) synthetic fiber made of acrylonitrile copolymer. A acrylic artificial wool that is not easy to stain, bright color, antibacterial, light and fluffy, not afraid of insects, the amount of softness characteristics, is also very suitable for carpet material.


Plastic can also be used as a carpet material, plastic carpet is used as plasticizers, PVC resin and other auxiliary materials, after the uniform mixing, molding. Plastic carpet material can replace pure wool and chemical fiber carpet, plastic carpet has bright color, not easy to burn, not afraid of wet, non slip characteristics. Plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stage, residential and so on. Because the plastic carpet is water resistant, it can also be used in the bathroom to prevent slip.

chemical fiber

Chemical fiber carpet material is also called synthetic fiber carpet, such as polypropylene fiber carpet, polypropylene fiber carpet, nylon carpet and so on. Chemical fiber carpet material is with tufted or woven synthetic fibers made of the surface layer, and the underlying linen stitched. The chemical fiber carpet has good abrasion resistance, elasticity and low price, and is suitable for the ground decoration of general buildings.

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