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Analysis on the current situation of bathroom industry in 2018
Mar 21, 2018

It is reported that today's bathroom market is still sluggish, the atmosphere in the industry is rising, environmental protection, and the competition between enterprises is becoming increasingly white hot. Today, we analyze the current situation of the bathroom industry and the proposal of some small editor.

Analysis of the current situation of bathroom industry

Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has been developing continuously. Since 2012, the growth rate of GDP has slowed down, but it has also maintained a faster growth rate of more than 6.90%. The living standard of the people is constantly improving, the urbanization has accelerated, and the disposable income of the residents has been continuously improved.

China accounts for more than 37% of the output value of the world's ceramic sanitary ware, which is one of the largest ceramic bathroom markets in the world. Per capita spending is low, less than 100 yuan. In 2014, China's per capita spending on bathing products was about 62.8 yuan, equivalent to 33.8% in the United States.

1. It is imminent to save energy and reduce emission

The development of the economy, the healthy and environmental protection has become the mainstream consumption trend. In order to adapt to the market more, the concept is more popular in the world. Therefore, pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve the water saving technology, let the bathroom meet the needs of all aspects. A good bathroom is not only for the convenience of life, but also a way of enjoying life.

Two, combating the market of counterfeit goods

"Shanzhai bathroom" imitates the production process and shape, but the actual quality is uneven. The raw materials are relatively poor, the production is relatively rough, resulting in easy damage to the bathroom and will appear.

Problems such as falling off, drumming, deformation and so on, and the strength and moisture resistance in the process of use will be reduced. The relevant departments should increase the fight against counterfeit and shoddy products.

Three, improve service driven sales

The bath industry is homogeneous. For ordinary consumers, good service is a necessary standard to distinguish between different companies. Traditional products rely on product selling and product driven services. With the development of Internet, more and more enterprises focus on services to drive sales, so as to achieve better competition results.

Four, pay attention to and develop the business industry

Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and so on, the electricity providers of all platforms are everywhere, though they are not the original trend of myth, but the powerful drainage function of the Internet cannot be underestimated. E-commerce consumption has gradually become rational consumption. Consumers can search the bathroom products to meet their needs through the Internet, no matter from the shape, price, service, etc., as businesses, they can do well in online operation and maximize the role of Internet users.

Five, personalized product promotion attraction

With the development of the times, the core of consumption is changing from 60 and 70 to 80 and 90. Consumers are becoming more and more young. More and more consumers prefer diversified and personalized products. And pay attention to the consumption experience. From the brand, style and other considerations, individualization is also a demand point. If the demands of the enterprise are personalized, you can weigh the needs of these types of consumers. Seize the opportunity for development.

Six. Promote sales by promoting sales

Promotion is a good way to promote the development of the industry, but the consumer concept of consumption is also maturing. The traditional discount promotion has become more and more unable to meet the needs of consumers. In accordance with the actual situation, according to the customer needs, market demand, such as the use of 618 major, double eleven, and other specific festivals, the introduction of corresponding promotional activities. Thus stimulate the consumer's desire to buy and purchase passion.

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